Pregnancy Bakes 2013

What I baked during the second trimester?
This is called, first-time carrot cake. It tastes just as fabulous as it looks with reduced amount on sugar contents plus with addition of dates. Found on

Aah, imagine coming home from work to a sight of completely chilled cheesecake…This is an all-time favourite. You’ll never get bored.

Well, this is nice for a quick breakfast or picnic in the morning. Crustless pizza, found the recipe in Nigella Kitchen edition. My little boy managed to gobble this up before brushing his teeth. Oh wait, he never did by himself! 😉

Now, drum rolls please, as I’d like to announce that my THIRD attempt on pavlova was a success. Hurray! Made especially for my mum and husband who complained a LOT about my elegant mixer and why I never baked a pavlova.

Last but not least, this molten chocolate cake was made for my childhood friends who came over for dinner and sleepover at my house (you know, the thing we do since highschool). A quick recipe by Anna Olson as featured in Bake with Anna Olson. I love how messy it looks.

Til then, bye!

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