Children’s Grand Park

Autumn is coming to an end in Seoul, so we decided to go out and experience it’s beauty while it lasts. But bear in mind having two active little munchkin boys to tag along has become a very challenging task for new parents like us from cooking breakfast, getting them ready for the day, and ensuring not to miss anything in our travel kit (diapers, milk powder, snacks, wet wipes, etc you name it).

Children’s Grand Park is located 1 km away from our apartment. Thought of walking but naah, it’s too cold, we should just ride a taxi (for 4000 won). Taking subway is another option but it is less convenient to bring a stroller as we need to cross the road and climbed up the stairs without escalator or elevator.

We passed the main entrance and stopped by the Information Counter to take a map. The park consists of Animal Villages, Children’s Museum, Amusement Park, Outdoor Performance Hall, Character World, Botanical Garden, Musical Fountain, Kids Auto Park and Football Field. And tadaa we scored ONE out of all parks. Hahha. Obviously we took the animal village because Irfan has this crazy obsession of animals. The Animal Village are divided into Fierce Animals, Small Animals, Reptiles, Marine Animals and Children’s Zoo.

Going out with your little ones means that there are a threshold limit that they can stand. After that limit comes temper tantrums. This time, Irfan threw tantrum because he refused to sit in his stroller and didn’t wanna go out from the zoo while baby Musa on the other hand got cranky because he was restless and mama was overjoyed that she missed his feeding time, lol.

Good thing the park provides nursing room at almost all rest checkpoints. This is something HUGE for mothers, isn’t it? Being able to travel around and not worry to find hideouts to nurse our babies. However, it’s good to bring nursing cover too, in case of emergency temper tantrum which needs immediate nursing in public. Hahha.
(blog update: turned out all parks provide this kind of facilities, including Nami Island weee)

I really feel I didn’t do justice to describe how awesome the park is. Therefore, you can find more information about this park through these websites:

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