A Little Effort

Waking up early before dawn has made the difference. Irfan woke up super early too asking for “susu hot”. Papa tried to put him back to bed but obviously he will not sleep coz mama wasn’t sleeping. I took him out to the hall, showed some flash cards and let him help me clean up the mess.
The moment papa went off to work, Irfan cried cos I didn’t wanna let him watch Iron Man. I promised myself not to let him win this time. So I took him to the window and told him to look outside where he can see the real world. The buildings and vehicles. The people who went out to work, the birds and the trees. Finally I told him, “let’s take a bath and we’re going out to the park, okay”. And he followed me.
The day went well subhanAllah, just because I woke up before fajr, switched off the TV, played and giggled. We walked to The Children Grand Park and played at Children’s Museum for two hours. He asked for “susu hot” and when finished as usual he will always said “dah abish”. After telling me he wanted to sleep, he immediately tucked himself in the stroller and closed his eyes. I took subway back home and to my surprise, I couldn’t find any elevator at the exit. Lucky me there’s someone who cared to help me carry the stroller downstairs and up again.
Later that night, Irfan ate his dinner and drank apple juice which is so unlikely of him. He just needed a little time and attention from me to respond and listen well. Alhamdulillah I realize as a mother, I constantly need to sit back, reflect and restrategize my plans. Of course, by doing this I am withholding a lot of things I wanted to do. But none of that matters because the result is incredible. Nothing beats seeing our kids jolly and calmer like that.
Being a role model to our children and maintaining our sanity can be very difficult. Sometimes, I can just snapped out of the blue *sigh* I am sucha bad mother. I so have a long long way to go don’t I? But I’ve learned that by taking baby steps and focus on our purpose, at least we are moving towards becoming better at parenting. (obviously trying to make myself feel better, haha)
“Ok mama, I am not interested and I’m going to find something else”
The Wood Cabin with a slide
Up up up and away on the cabin my little explorer
“Omnomnom..is this the same banana papa usually eats?”
“Hey little monster fella, you’re not gonna hurt my brother don’t ya?”
The doll: “Oookay now, not my dress”
Less than 10 secs arranging fish scales and off he went away, this is so boring
“Mmm so many toys which one should come into my mouth first?”

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