It’s Official. I’m a Housewife!

It has been a month since I quit working and signed up for a new job. Housewife.. Aah the designation I craved for ever since I started working. As much as I love my career, I’ve always envied housewives for all-the-time-in-the-world they’ve got; cooking, raising their own kids, waking up late and sleeping during the day, not meeting deadlines. Hahhahahahaha. (if you can hear me laugh, it echoed far and beyond). That was a wrong assumption ever. I found out being a housewife is even more challenging than doing project management & coordination. Phew!
Of course I’m not going to list down all the reasons why. It could go on forever from the moment you wake up, diaper changing, being peed on, getting sleepy but don’t-u-dare-sleep cos the kids won’t let you, constant whining in your ears, pulling legs, temper tantrums, play pretend, lucky if you had a lunch, and… forget about shower.
But while I’m still on the cloud nine and not meeting deadlines, I should cherish every single moment here. So far, we haven’t really miss Malaysian food because I practically cook Malaysian food everyday. We brought a lot of dried groceries such as curry powder, sup bunjut, lemongrass, belacan, curry leaves, turmeric and many more. Sometimes we eat outside. The difference between Korean & Malaysian food is the healthy clean diet (with little to zero amount of oil) and everytime we eat outside, they will serve a tumbler of plain water for free (boring I want my soda gembira and Milo dinosour).
Adapting to a new eating habit feels great especially the part where I no longer see syg munching Mamee Monster and Twisties while watching TV, instead he eats seaweed and mixed nuts. I cook Korean and Chinese food a couple of times a week. I begin baking again. Weekends are meant for sightseeing, family projects and grocery shopping. I guess that basically describes an ordinary life of a housewife. Tell you the truth, 20% of my time goes to cooking, 10% goes to laundry and dishes (since there’s an “ahjumma” who does housekeeping everyday), 10% goes to my husband (pity syg), another 60% goes to my clingy boys (so unfair!)
A very little percentage (zero decimal points) goes to myself. Hahha. Sometimes at night, syg will let me go out on my own so I can breathe. Otherwise, the only time I can think straight is when my kids are asleep, during shower and hmmm.. when I’m about to doze off and end up awake for another hour or so. So typical being a mom, right?
From the top left going clockwise: Sizzling Yee Mee, Pajeon, Bulgogi, Bokeumbap tak jadi, Spaghetti with Mussels and Honey Roasted Chicken with Ginger
Late night grocery shopping is extremely thrilling. Fresh foods are discounted from 20% to 50%.

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