My Cooking Addiction Continues

Last week after coming home from Dongdaemun market, we went for dinner at Mumbai India, a halal Indian restaurant around the neighbourhood. We were being served cream of pumpkin soup as appetizer. Irfan kept asking for more. He ate four bowls of pumpkin soup (makan sampai tumpah2 comot baju). Papa was like “Enough little boy, that’s too much of pumpkin soup alreadyyy” while me on the other hand was so impressed “Aww, that’s my boy!”

That night, Irfan learned a new word called “pumpkin”. The next day I showed him a picture of a pumpkin. When going for a grocery shopping, he pointed out “pumpkin!pumpkin!” (read: pangkin). After that joyous incident, pumpkin has became a mantra in my head, until I had to include it in my grocery list today. Syg bought a small-sized pumpkin, about 1kg. I thought of making the same pumpkin soup, and save some for pumpkin cupcakes.

tough pumpkin

pumpkin soup

There are of course many recipes out there when you google, and I found one basic recipe at BBC. The cooking process took about an hour more or less. I simply threw in the oven the whole pumpkin or, in this case, half a pumpkin, tossed with vegetable oil, baked for 30mins (or until knife-cut tender) at 200deg Celcius (to make cooking easier). The rest is just by following the cooking method and finally blitz the whole mixture in a food processor and run through a sieve to get a smooth mixture. Note to self: Add more chicken stock or water to get a lighter soup consistency. 

So that’s our little meal for dinner tonight. Alhamdulillah. Now what? Itching to bake pumpkin cupcakes for my little boy! =)

Blog Update: Pumpkin CupcakesIMG_5712[1]

Leftover pumpkin turned cupcakes turned muffin. Mama tak sempat nak buat frosting semua dah habis dimakan. Hehe.

Recipe from: Sally’s Baking Addiction

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