Keeping My Sanity in Cold Weather

Today is lazy Sunday. But my husband was nowhere to be found. He went out super early for a morning walk. God, what was he thinking? It’s -10 out there. We should be snuggling right now.
So what’s your kind of breakfast? I seriously miss roti canai with kuah kari, too bad they’re nowhere to be found. We had beef tortillas cos I’m feeling extra Mexican here. Yariba!
We planned to go sightseeing yesterday, but couldn’t make it as the kids were sleeping all day. When they woke up it was already dark.

Sayang suggested that I go out for a night walk to clear my heads, have a cup of coffee and be back with sanity. Lol.

Aha, so much for going out alone. How can I leave without my clingy baby? Lucky me, he just slept all the way until the journey back.

I went to Namdaemun market to buy skincare set for my friend, Missworld. It was cheaper compared to buying at the department stores.

Upon reaching home, I grabbed a cup of caffe latte at my fav coffee shop, Caffe Bene. That’s it! Caffeine overdose for the week. They say breastfeeding mum shouldn’t consume too much coffee. That’s just ridiculous. How am I supposed to do that? I’m an addict.


The weather has been brutally cold and windy lately. Perhaps we should just stay at home and hibernate…

No no no…Screw the weather, we are going out!
We made up our mind to visit Seoul Arts Center to appreciate more of this lively city where arts and culture are beautifully preserved. I hope I can find the time to write more about this place.
Til next time inshaAllah!

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