Throwback: Singapore, May 2010

Singapore, a city in which one of the best Town Planning & Infrastructure are proven, mainly because of its scarce resources, enforcement of rules and regulations are strictly being monitored, and of course, having brilliant minds as leaders of the country.

Reminiscing the trip to Singapore in 2010. It was only a short trip intended for a sightseeing. Syg and I took a bus from JB and then MRT across Singapore city. We picked a map at the MRT station, and ventured into the concrete jungle. From North South Line Jurong East, we walked to Esplanade to find shelter between the trees and walked upfront the Marina Square where the people strolled aimlessly, some laid back and relaxed.

But mind you, it was a scorching hot day that I didn’t really enjoy walking. We prayed at Masjid Sultan and grabbed a quick Briyani lunch at a nearby shop. It was Sunday so most of the restaurants were closed. Honestly, I couldn’t recall many things during this trip. It must be my brain cells deteriorating. (-__-“)

After an hour or so sightseeing and taking pictures, (and it’s finally verified that our fitness is not even at par to hitchhikers), we hopped on a bus back to JB and headed back home, a little dehydrated. The trip was short but sweet =)


It wasn’t that long before we went back to Singapore for Universal Studio trip in 2011. I was 3 months pregnant and forbidden to take any ride. Tssskk.