Motivasi Pagi


Pagi yang ceria ni nak kongsi beberapa isi penting dalam slot Motivasi pagi IKIM FM bersama Ustaz Ebit Lew (as heard on 1/2/2013 dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja).

1. Yakin dan tawakkal perkara sangat penting dlm islam, melibatkan akidah.

2. Doa Nabi Muhammad:
يا حي يا قيوم برحمتك أستغيث اصلح لي شأني كله و لا تكلني إلى نفسي طرفة عين

“O Ever Living, O self-Subsisting and supporter of all, by Your Mercy I seek help, rectify for me all of my affairs and do not leave me depend on myself, even for the blink of an eye”. [Reported by Tirmidhi].

3. Bila kita bertawakkal, Allah bukakan jalan.

4. Apabila nak keluar dari rumah bacalah “bismillahi tawakkal tu ‘alallah la haula wa la quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘aziim” supaya:
-Allah lindungi
-Dimurahkan rezeki
-Dijauhkan drpd syaitan

5. Apabila nak masuk rumah pula:
– Beri salam
– Baca surah Al ikhlas 3x
– Selawat ke atas nabi 3x

Semoga perkongsian ini bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

Wassalam 🙂


Surprise Mama!



Hari ni Irfan buat surprise Hari Ibu dekat mama. Terima kasih Irfan. Siap bagitau kat mama lagi ada coklat dalam pasu bunga tu dan suruh mama makan. Nyam nyam. Sedap!

Terima kasih Teacher Iza kerana membantu anak-anak kecil ini meraikan hari bahagia buat ibu-ibu mereka.

Tadi Teacher Iza cakap, “Not really nak celebrate Mother’s Day coz in Islam everyday is Mother’s Day. This is just to teach them to love, respect and honour their mothers as mothers is a perfect creation of Allah and that is why Jannah lies under a mother’s feet”.

What a sweet thought from a teacher.

Senang hati mama bila tengok Irfan suka ke sekolah, belajar bergaul dengan guru-guru dan rakan sebaya, belajar solat, belajar doa-doa harian belajar adab dan nilai-nilai murni.

Kadang-kadang terdetik di hati mama nak home-schoolkan anak-anak mama. Tapi mama belum kuat semangat lagi nak buat semua tu. Bagaimanalah seorang ibu yang hatinya sering gundah-gulana hendak menongkah arus kebiasaan kehidupan hari ini? Awal-awal lagi mama surrender. Kita pi sekolah je la Irfan. Homeschool bila mama rajin. Hehe.
Buat semua ibu-ibu di luar sana, saya ucapkan Selamat Hari Ibu. Nothing would make the less of you, as long as you hold a strong unconditional love for your children and do your best raising them up to be a good person.
Wassalam =)

Bekas Alat Tulis dari Bahan Terbuang


Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi satu aktiviti yang menyeronokkan untuk dilakukan bersama anak-anak di musim cuti sekolah iaitu membuat BEKAS ALAT TULIS DARI BAHAN TERBUANG seperti tin kosong.


  1. Tin kosong
  2. Kertas pembalut hadiah / surat khabar / kertas kitar semula
  3. Reben & Manik (untuk hiasan)
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Gunting

Setelah mengumpul bahan-bahan di atas, ikuti 5 langkah mudah untuk membuat BEKAS ALAT TULIS DARI BAHAN TERBUANG seperti yang ditunjukkan dalam gambar di bawah:


Kebaikan-kebaikan aktiviti seperti ini ialah:

  1. Meningkatkan kreativiti anak-anak dengan berfikir tentang pemilihan warna, corak dan sebagainya
  2. Mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan kerana dapat meluangkan masa yang berkualiti di antara ibu bapa dan anak-anak
  3. Menjimatkan wang kerana tidak perlu membeli bekas alat tulis di kedai
  4. Menyokong kempen 3R atau Kitar Semula

Selamat mencuba! =)


There’s a saying “Your Oldest Friends Are Your Only True Friends”.

Then answer can be very subjective. But.. YES!

Somehow your oldest friends are the one who will be honest with you at all times.

They can tell when you’re doing great, or when you’re out of order. And you don’t mind them laughing at you coz your jokes aren’t actually jokes.

They don’t mind you stealing their foods or eating on the same plate.
And you don’t mind them searching through your fridge for a tub of ice cream, or a box of chocolate.

They are silly yet they’re the very best of friends that you will have until the end.




To Nadiah, Ien, Izzah & Akmal.

To Missworld & Mars

To Husna, Najwa & Anisah


I look around
The house is a mess
Scattered toys
Unwashed dishes
Unfolded clothes
But I smiled
It’s what I call home
Our home

Where my kids giggle, run and play
Where I cook everyday
Where we watch The Big Bang Theory
and laugh our heads off
It’s our little love nest
where we make our own magic


Morning Blues

My dear readers,

Did you sleep well through the night? What were you thinking when you wake up this morning?

I wake up between 6.30 am – 7.00 am these days without failed because despite having my phone alarm ringing, there’s that little munchkin who wakes up earlier (as early as 5.30am everyday) even before fajr prayer. Which is actually a good thing (Referring to one of the habit of highly effective people i.e. waking up INSANELY early). Having said that, I still dreaded waking up early morning and usually tell my little munchkin “oo nak suruh mama bangun solat tahajud yee” and then…zzzz…back to sleep. What a waste…Yup. That’s what I usually tell myself the next morning.

I wake up in the middle of the night at least once to nurse my baby, and while I’m nursing him, I told myself “hold on buddy, don’t sleep’re going to get off the bed and talk to Allah..Allah is the closest as this wee hour c’mon you’re not gonna miss it!” The next thing I know it’s already 6.00 am. What a waste…It’s actually a blessing in disguise but I am very weak I let this golden opportunity goes off just like that.

There’s no excuse to this. If I want something so bad, I surely will find a way isn’t it? The sweetness of meeting our Khaliq, having a deep conversation with Him. Nobody understand better than Him. This is why Allah sometimes test us isn’t it? We love the dunya so much and easily get carried away with the temptations, fake promises and forget about our final destination.

Whatever it is…

If you’re having a similar situation, tell yourself never lose hope in Allah. Shaitan will always bring us down by saying we don’t deserve this and that. He’ll start whispering to our ears that we are so dirty with sins that Allah does not even want to look at us. So you know, let’s get up and tell him straight, “Bring it on!”

We are Muslim, and we are strong. Always remember that we have Allah, and He alone is ever sufficient.

For a Happier and Healthier Life

– quit nagging
– dont expect praise
– take time to be silly
– fight right, no snapping
– dont make jamie my dumping ground
– give proofs of love
– think of small treats or courtesies
– leave things unsaid
-launch a blog
-be gretchen
-push myself
-think big
-take daily steps promote the blog
-follow my curiosities
-avoid time wasters
-take time to wander n play
-sing in the morning
-cultivate rituals n traditions
-spread family cheer
-listen, engage, put down iPhone/iPad
-acknowledge the reality of other ppl’s feeling
-be a storehouse of happy memories
-take time for projects

It’s Official. I’m a Housewife!

It has been a month since I quit working and signed up for a new job. Housewife.. Aah the designation I craved for ever since I started working. As much as I love my career, I’ve always envied housewives for all-the-time-in-the-world they’ve got; cooking, raising their own kids, waking up late and sleeping during the day, not meeting deadlines. Hahhahahahaha. (if you can hear me laugh, it echoed far and beyond). That was a wrong assumption ever. I found out being a housewife is even more challenging than doing project management & coordination. Phew!
Of course I’m not going to list down all the reasons why. It could go on forever from the moment you wake up, diaper changing, being peed on, getting sleepy but don’t-u-dare-sleep cos the kids won’t let you, constant whining in your ears, pulling legs, temper tantrums, play pretend, lucky if you had a lunch, and… forget about shower.
But while I’m still on the cloud nine and not meeting deadlines, I should cherish every single moment here. So far, we haven’t really miss Malaysian food because I practically cook Malaysian food everyday. We brought a lot of dried groceries such as curry powder, sup bunjut, lemongrass, belacan, curry leaves, turmeric and many more. Sometimes we eat outside. The difference between Korean & Malaysian food is the healthy clean diet (with little to zero amount of oil) and everytime we eat outside, they will serve a tumbler of plain water for free (boring I want my soda gembira and Milo dinosour).
Adapting to a new eating habit feels great especially the part where I no longer see syg munching Mamee Monster and Twisties while watching TV, instead he eats seaweed and mixed nuts. I cook Korean and Chinese food a couple of times a week. I begin baking again. Weekends are meant for sightseeing, family projects and grocery shopping. I guess that basically describes an ordinary life of a housewife. Tell you the truth, 20% of my time goes to cooking, 10% goes to laundry and dishes (since there’s an “ahjumma” who does housekeeping everyday), 10% goes to my husband (pity syg), another 60% goes to my clingy boys (so unfair!)
A very little percentage (zero decimal points) goes to myself. Hahha. Sometimes at night, syg will let me go out on my own so I can breathe. Otherwise, the only time I can think straight is when my kids are asleep, during shower and hmmm.. when I’m about to doze off and end up awake for another hour or so. So typical being a mom, right?
From the top left going clockwise: Sizzling Yee Mee, Pajeon, Bulgogi, Bokeumbap tak jadi, Spaghetti with Mussels and Honey Roasted Chicken with Ginger
Late night grocery shopping is extremely thrilling. Fresh foods are discounted from 20% to 50%.

Farewell Note

Ok let’s get this straight. This is an emotional post because it is the last working day for me. Jap nak ambil sapu tangan lap air mata.
The decision to quit is solely personal and doesn’t have anything to do with anyone at workplace. Well..of course there were times I wish I had a girl office-mate to lunch with especially on Fridays. At least someone I can talk to when I had to sneakout to stock up my EBM two times a day. I was a loner back then. Nasib baik ada Fitri the life saver! Nak pergi surau pam susu bagitau je kat Fitri ngan buat muka seposen. Lama2 cakap macam nie je, “Fitri, macam biasa la sy gi surau dulu”, sambil menjinjit cooler bag berwarna merah. Dekat office Fitri (our clerk) lebih berkuasa daripada manager (bak kata En. Mus).
Moving on..I’d sincerely want to thank my colleagues for throwing a small farewell party for me and the rest of the loan staffs from PTGM and PONSB who’d been supporting us during a very recent project called P2-30A. Tak sempat nak tengok new model launch in 2014. No words can describe how thankful I am, first and foremost to my manager, En. Mus, who chose to employ me to work within this organization. He had no idea I was three months pregnant during the interview. Kalau dia tahu memang la tak dapat kan, sebabnya nature bekerja di Prototype Centre ni tak sesuai dengan wanita hamil.

Akan tetapi Allah Maha Memberi, He answered my prayer. He knew I desperately need a job. Alhamdulillah, a couple of months after the interview, I was officially employed to work with amazing people for two and a half years. (dua tahun lebih je pun rileks la kan). They gave me a paradigm shift on my first perception towards Proton. Eh laa dah terbocor nama company.

To my superior, En. Asri, thank you for your guidance, motivation, reminder and criticism. Without them I wouldn’t have build self-confidence and wouldn’t be able to sustain criticism in a positive manner. Thanks to you, I learned to be tough and be bold to fight for our stance.
To my colleagues, (Wan, Najmi (dah resign masuk Petronas), Hafiz, Haniff, Herul, Nik Amin, En. Azwan, En. Din, En. Malik, En. Jasman), thank you for your support and assistance throughout my tenure in Prototype. For being my backbone during ups and downs. Hangpa memang cool la..Orang Melayu kata “tak pernah berkira buat kerja”. Thanks for not judging me despite my MCs and Late Comings. Hehe. Terima kasih kepada yg belanja goreng pisang, jambu batu, pizza, nasik bungkus, chocolate, hatta hingga sekeping biskut pun..terima kasih hanya Allah sahaja dapat membalasnya.
To respective team leaders and technicians, (Abg Man, Tajul, Abg Ramli, Abg Rahim, Fadzli, Razi, Syamil), I am very proud to be working with you. Honestly, I am amazed by your depth of knowledge and expertise in developing prototype vehicles. The best of all is the spirit of teamwork that you projected throughout daily tasks, even after more than twenty years working with Proton. Buat report pun kalah engineer. Haih. Malu2..
Ok, lepas tu paling best skali kat Proton ni ialah ada so called ‘RND Mother’s Support Group’ whose endless moral support somehow had encourage working moms to continue breastfeeding our babies. Kalau tertinggal pam susu takpe jangan bimbang banyak je ibu2 yg boleh pinjamkan skali ngan botol susu. Working mothers are awesomeee! I knew I will miss you the most. Walaupun kat office takde sorang pun kawan perempuan, tp bila naik atas nak solat dapat kenal dan sembang2 ngan kawan perempuan RND. Sampai boss ckp networking saya power sbb kenal semua org. Haa tu la kelebihan dia. Dekat Prototype takde surau perempuan, jadi kena berjalan jauh sedikit utk solat. Takpe dapat pahala jalan kaki, naik tangga, lagi2 masa mengandung.
Apa lagi nak cerita pun taktahu, cuma tak sangka dalam masa yg singkat bekerja tetapi diberi berbagai-pagai peluang. Waktu training memula masuk tu memang blur especially waktu morning market P3-21A (Preve). Apasal kecoh sangat kat Prototype ni semua orang keluar masuk macam shopping mall pulak. En. Azwan jadi coordinator. En. Jasman pulak update part status. Bila dah update part status tau2 je la nnt PMO dan GP akan sound vendor la part2 yg lambat sampai or part yg ada quality issues. Lepas tu jakun pulak sbb tgk consultant dari German pun ada. Haa tiap2 hari diorang kluar masuk tgk vehicle build-up. Suasana sangat tegang setiap pagi sebab nak meet prototype build up schedule, vehicle testing punya schedule lagi. Part pulak lambat sampai. Lepas tu bila part sampai quality tak OK, orang salahkan quality tak check. Paling blur bila En. Azwan panggil suruh layan group CMSS buat inspection CO2 weld dekat crash car. Dah la tak tau part name. Jadi mcm crash course. Begitu la kisahnya. Memang drama jugak kadang-kadang.
Kalau nak cerita lagi mmg boleh buat buku yg bertajuk pengalaman bekerja di Prototype Centre. Daripada overseas inspection, budget control, budget challenge, project management and coordination, vendor visit, BQCM sampai ke design office & toilet pun buat. Jadi, biarlah dulu sampai di sini coretan saya untuk entri ini.
They say,
Whatever begins will eventually end…
InsyaAllah I’m yet to open another chapter in my little adventure book. I sincerely thank each one of you for being the puzzle piece of my life. You have somehow affected me in one way or another.
Iron Lady

Ramadhan Reflection

Ramadhan has brought me into a deep state of self-reflection. A journey towards inner peace that I will never forget. We feel that we don’t deserve to be wronged. It is hard to swallow the fact that we as human being always make mistakes and sometimes even failed at challenges life throws.

But we learn to pick ourselves up and rise again no matter how many times we fall and break. Allah is the Most Merciful and Forgiving. So forgive and seek forgiveness because there are always flaws and shortcomings even in good deeds. Redha for what has been written in the Luh Mahfuz.

The simplest effort that we tend to forget is through our daily supplication. Never underestimate the power of making DU’A because it has a great impact in our lives.

Farewell Ramadhan, you will be missed.