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I recently had a revelation to come up with a new blog. Sunny With A Chance of Donuts will be terminated soon due to a reason I couldn’t disclose here. Let’s start fresh, shall we?

With the arrival of baby Musa two months ago, my life is entirely occupied with them little munchkin boys, running to feeding demands while doing laundry and dishes. And you can imagine the rest. (a little dramatic for an intro though).

Nevertheless, Musa had been understanding so far, Alhamdulillah. He sleeps for long hours as if he knew mama needed some rest. I stayed up a little late everynight to make sure I stock up enough EBM (expressed breastmilk) as I’m only few days away to start working again (erghh..still in denial).

I thought of finding a new hobby such as homedecorating ideas. Eventually, syg brought back new magazines for me the other day. He probably thinks I need an intervention from going through the same IKEA magazine for the umpteenth times! Though I’ve shown less enthusiasm as I flipped back and forth, I somehow managed to bookmark some of my favorite ideas.

And now stealing couple of hours past midnight, I thought of sharing some ideas for home decoration. Suppose a little bit of caffeine won’t do much harm to a nursing mum, no? *yawn*
I am practicing flower arrangements since forever but still failed at it. My kind of arrangement can only be boring like this….

cheap pebbles and pretty lavenders from KK Home Deco

So with great effort, I drove an empty flower pot (found at IKEA) to the nearest florist and asked for a pastel combination to complement the plain white walls. This was two months ago before my second labor.

artificial flowers from Fleur
pastel colored flower pot from IKEA

It took a while to hear from syg that he actually thought the combination is not okay because he thinks that red long branch doesn’t suit the pastel combination. Nevermind…

After that pastel hues, came a collection of vintage tin boxes…

which I think is perfect to store your craft supplies, cookies and sweets.
They even make a great display on the wall 🙂
(vintage tins found at Kaison outlet)