Morning Blues

My dear readers,

Did you sleep well through the night? What were you thinking when you wake up this morning?

I wake up between 6.30 am – 7.00 am these days without failed because despite having my phone alarm ringing, there’s that little munchkin who wakes up earlier (as early as 5.30am everyday) even before fajr prayer. Which is actually a good thing (Referring to one of the habit of highly effective people i.e. waking up INSANELY early). Having said that, I still dreaded waking up early morning and usually tell my little munchkin “oo nak suruh mama bangun solat tahajud yee” and then…zzzz…back to sleep. What a waste…Yup. That’s what I usually tell myself the next morning.

I wake up in the middle of the night at least once to nurse my baby, and while I’m nursing him, I told myself “hold on buddy, don’t sleep’re going to get off the bed and talk to Allah..Allah is the closest as this wee hour c’mon you’re not gonna miss it!” The next thing I know it’s already 6.00 am. What a waste…It’s actually a blessing in disguise but I am very weak I let this golden opportunity goes off just like that.

There’s no excuse to this. If I want something so bad, I surely will find a way isn’t it? The sweetness of meeting our Khaliq, having a deep conversation with Him. Nobody understand better than Him. This is why Allah sometimes test us isn’t it? We love the dunya so much and easily get carried away with the temptations, fake promises and forget about our final destination.

Whatever it is…

If you’re having a similar situation, tell yourself never lose hope in Allah. Shaitan will always bring us down by saying we don’t deserve this and that. He’ll start whispering to our ears that we are so dirty with sins that Allah does not even want to look at us. So you know, let’s get up and tell him straight, “Bring it on!”

We are Muslim, and we are strong. Always remember that we have Allah, and He alone is ever sufficient.

Ramadhan Reflection

Ramadhan has brought me into a deep state of self-reflection. A journey towards inner peace that I will never forget. We feel that we don’t deserve to be wronged. It is hard to swallow the fact that we as human being always make mistakes and sometimes even failed at challenges life throws.

But we learn to pick ourselves up and rise again no matter how many times we fall and break. Allah is the Most Merciful and Forgiving. So forgive and seek forgiveness because there are always flaws and shortcomings even in good deeds. Redha for what has been written in the Luh Mahfuz.

The simplest effort that we tend to forget is through our daily supplication. Never underestimate the power of making DU’A because it has a great impact in our lives.

Farewell Ramadhan, you will be missed.